House Roothman

Location: Parkview, Johannesburg
Client:  Delani and Richard Roothman
Start Date: 2011
Completion Date: 2013
Size: ±600m2
Project Team: Ludwig Hansen, Anton Wessels, Natalie Du Toit, Lionel Vincer
Photos: Dook

House Roothman
Residential architecture must respond to the needs of the people who live in it, at the most personal level possible.

The original 1923 Parkview house seemed forgotten of its heritage as it sat hidden within an overgrown garden. The task brought to the architect was to bring the house back to life in a contemporary way, but to remain at the forefront, a family home for five where you can put your feet up.

The existing property consisted of a single heritage building and garage linked by a small open square. The needs of the client sought the separation of entertainment from the more private and intimate functions of the family home.

The family brief required a large entertainment area, with all private sleeping and living functions taking place away from the ‘noise’. This included two private office spaces for the clients. Generous staff quarters as well as additional parking space were also required.

The simplicity of the existing house was used as inspiration for the U-shaped extension that clips onto the house in two places forming a serene courtyard. The additions do not extend beyond the building line of the original house. The original heritage home, where all the public and entertainment functions are programmed, is separated by the entrance hall and kitchen from the private functions.

The addition of a tennis court was sunk down into the ground to avoid obstructing the view of the house and open verandah when entering the property.

Volumetrically, the new built celebrates family living, but in its materiality aligns itself with the original home.

Internal alterations played an essential role in fully realising the adaptation from a traditional home. This involved removing internal walls, which allows for ease of flow between living spaces, both inside and out.

The two courtyards bring distinct functions and qualities to the spaces that look out towards them, while the front garden provides ample space for running and playing.