Sol Plaatje University

Location: Kimberly, Western Cape, South Africa
Client:  Sol Plaatje University
Start Date:
Completion Date: 2013
Size: Ongoing
Project Team: Ludwig Hansen, Emma Brecher, Jenna Stelli, Jessica Thomson, Lionel Vincer

The Sol Plaatje University is the first new institutions of higher learning since 1994 The planned university is envisaged as symbol of our new order, of democracy, inclusiveness, growth and opportunity. The aim was to ensure that this institution becomes an enduring source of pride, both nationally and provincially. The new university was also to be integrated into the existing urban fabric of Kimberley, and accommodate not only academic facilities, but also a mixture of residences, retail amenities, recreation spaces and exhibition venues.

The aim is to create a university to change the exiting city of Kimberley from mining hub into an university town. This was achieved by introducing a variety of uses and functions in close proximity with each other to create a truly integrated and mixed townscape.

Design and development planning started in 2012, with the first students accommodated within existing buildings and heritage structures, with the first phase of new buildings completed in 2015, lower campus development underway. The total number of students to be accommodated in the university will be 7500 by the year 2022.

Ludwig Hansen Architects and Urban Designers was tasked with the development of a comprehensive Urban Design and Development Framework and Implementation Strategy Plan, which requires the coordination of both architects and bulk infrastructure consultants